Solar Farm

Aura Power is working on a renewable energy proposal in Provost, Alberta. The renewable energy facility includes 29MW of solar capacity with a 100MW battery energy storage system located on privately-owned land.

The facility will use approximately 521,000 modules on single-axis tracker systems, 64 inverter and transformer stations, an electrical collection system, and access roads. A substation will connect the Project to the Alberta Interconnected Electric System (AIES).

Further details on the proposal and frequently asked questions can be found further down this page.

Latest News

We held a Community Open House on the 25th of January 2023 in Seven Persons, Alberta.

Key Facts & Benefits


Amount of homes powered with clean renewable energy


Tonnes of CO2 offset annually


Equivalent number of electric cars powered per year

Contributes to local and national targets

500 full time jobs created

Local economic boost

Local School Visits

Property taxes paid to the County

Listening to the views of the local community is very important to us and your feedback has helped shape our design.

We held a Community Open House on the 25th of January 2023 in Seven Persons, Alberta. Thank you to everyone who attended. Our team have been working hard to take on board the feedback received to feed into the final design of the facility.

Our Proposal

The preliminary site layout takes into account various constraints such as: The preliminary site layout takes into account various constraints such as:

• Bird migration surveys

• Wetland setbacks

• Wildlife setbacks

• Road setbacks

• Property line setbacks

• Transmission line right-of-way and setback

• Oil & Gas setbacks

• Efficient use of land

We have undertaken a number of surveys to help inform our proposal. These include;

A detailed Noise Impact Assessment (NIA) has been completed to ensure the Project adheres to Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) Rule 012: Noise Control. A copy of NIA will be included in the AUC application.

A glare assessment has been completed to assess potential for glare at residences and along local roads and we are committed to mitigating glare concerns.

Comprehensive environmental studies including wildlife studies, vegetation studies, wetlands delineation and habitat mapping have been completed for the Project.

•The results and potential mitigation were submitted to Alberta Environment and Protected Areas (AEPA).

•AEPA issued a Renewable Energy Referral Report in December 2022 giving the Project an overall risk ranking of Low

•Historical Resources Act approval has been applied for and approval is expected in Q1, 2023.

At the end of the project’s life, it will be decommissioned or re-powered.

When decommissioned, equipment such as the solar modules and racking will be salvaged and recycled. Solar installations primarily use steel posts that are driven or screwed into the ground, and only use concrete foundations for inverters and the collector substation.

Reclamation will be consistent with the Alberta Conservation and Reclamation Directive for Renewable Energy Operations or applicable legislation at the time. The landowner can resume normal agricultural operations following the 35 + year lifespan of the solar project.

A decommissioning plan and an initial conservation and reclamation plan will be developed for the Alberta Utilities Commission and Cypress County

Projected Views

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