Looking to diversify your land use?

If you are a landowner thinking about hosting a renewable energy project, take a look at the information below and get in touch to speak to a member of our development team.


Annual Rental

We offer competitive rental terms which provide a long-term, inflation-linked income.

Dual Land Use

The solar panels only occupy around a third of the land area, leaving lots of space. As well as receiving a rental income, it is often possible to graze small livestock (such as sheep or poultry) on the site.

All Costs Covered

Aura Power covers all development costs. We will also cover your reasonable third-party costs (e.g. your lawyer’s fees).


Solar can provide an excellent way of diversifying your land management business by adding an income stream that is not linked to agriculture and requires little or no management.

Fostering Biodiversity

Seeding the areas around the panels with appropriate grass mixes and wildflowers provides a habitat for bees and other pollinators, and enhances the condition of the topsoil.

Up-front Payments

Upon signing an Option for Lease, we will pay an Option fee.

Site Development

Aura Power has a dedicated team focused on the development of solar farms and battery storage systems. We work at all levels of project development from initial site identification, through planning and with our joint venture EPC partners, construction and operation.

Careful site selection is the foundation of our business and we only develop sites that we believe will become fully operational.

Building good relationships with landowners is the most important part of site selection and we ensure that we keep landowners fully involved throughout the development process.

We liaise with local authorities and the community to ensure the site has a minimal visual impact. Our designers ensure the farm complies with any specific regulations and that any environmental issues are full addressed.

Is my land suitable?

Grid Connection

For both solar farms and battery storage systems, proximity to the electricity network, with sufficient capacity, is crucial to the viability of a project. Our development teams will identify suitable connections as one of the first steps in looking for suitable land.

If your land is near to or beneath existing electrical infrastructure, we'd love to hear from you.


Large, flat fields make the best solar farms, but with careful design it is also possible to work on undulating or sloping land ideally well hidden with existing vegetation. For battery storage sites we generally look for 3-4 acres of disused brownfield land, though isolated greenfield sites can also be considered.

Lots of other factors need to be taken into account, and we will sit down with you early on to review the design options for your farm.


What are the costs to me?
How do you select the best land?
How much land do you need?
How is the solar farm built?
How long does it take to build?
How long will it operate for?
What happens after operation finishes?
What maintenance is needed?
Can I sell the land?
Can I still use the land once the solar park is operational?

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