Green Hydrogen

Aura Power is currently in the early stages of developing green hydrogen projects in various countries.

Why Hydrogen?

In combatting the current climate and ecological emergencies and securing sustainable energy for the future, hydrogen will play a vital part in diversifying the energy mix globally. Hydrogen, as an energy source, is split into different categories to differentiate how each type is produced and therefore how clean it is, types blue and green are the most popular in terms of future development. Blue hydrogen is sourced from fossil fuels and produces CO² which is captured and stored underground and therefore qualifies as having no emissions. Green hydrogen is produced by extracting hydrogen from water molecules. This has no harmful byproducts and provides an opportunity to use surplus energy created by wind power for example which is difficult to store. This makes green hydrogen entirely clean and therefore vital to a green, sustainable future.

How does it work?

Green hydrogen is produced through a process called electrolysis, which uses renewable electricity such as solar or wind to extract hydrogen molecules from water. Green hydrogen is highly versatile and can be used in various sectors and applications. It can serve as a clean fuel for transportation and power fuel cells to generate electricity for homes and industries.


Aside from providing clean electricity, green hydrogen can be used as a means of energy storage. When renewable energy sources generate excess electricity, which is difficult to store, it can be used for electrolysis to produce hydrogen. This hydrogen can then be stored and later converted back into electricity or other forms of energy when demand is high or when renewables are not generating enough power. When used as a fuel, green hydrogen produces only water vapour as a byproduct, eliminating harmful pollutants and improving air quality compared to conventional fossil fuels. Overall, green hydrogen will play a vital part in achieving a greener and more sustainable energy grid.

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