Our Approach

We believe in fostering a positive and engaging culture both internally and externally.

Sustainability is at the heart of our ethos

Having an ethical and transparent supply chain is a matter we take very seriously, particularly as part of a sector that strives for the highest standards of sustainability. You can view our statement on this subject here.

We believe that engaging with the communities who host our projects is key to the development process, as well as protecting and enhancing the natural environment for local wildlife.

As a business, we have committed to cutting our carbon emissions to net zero by 2030. You can view our yearly Carbon Audits and Climate Strategies below:

We believe our positive and engaging culture is a result of having exceptional people. And that doesn’t happen by accident - it’s intentional and requires work. Having a set of core values act as a guideline to outline the beliefs and behaviours that underpin success at Aura.

Values can be seen in our everyday conversations and interactions. They guide the way we make business decisions and prioritise, how we recruit, manage performance and recognise individuals and teams. Critically, they help build a culture of belonging, where anyone with these core values can thrive and feel valued. This is our intention.

We hold yearly away days where we undertake an activity that contributes towards wildlife restoration and are working towards being completely carbon neutral as a company.

Our Values


Involves the right people at the right time and communicates well


Takes ownership and delivers

A Force for Good

A positive influence for colleagues, community and the planet


Insightful, shows initiative, prioritises and works smart


Adaptable, innovative and encourages growth