Working with Communities

Working together with local communities constitutes an important part of developing the best possible schemes we can. Our projects will always aim to provide local benefits, including some that may not be immediately apparent at first, whilst also supporting national infrastructure and improving energy security.

We firmly believe having a renewable energy project within your community should instil a sense of pride in supporting the transition to a sustainable future, and our work with communities aims at inspiring residents to share in this belief.

Local Knowledge

For every one of our proposals, we believe that the local community is one of the most important stakeholders. Nothing can compare to the invaluable local knowledge that residents will bring to our proposals and we attribute many of the improvements made to our proposals to the input we have received from local communities.

We not only feel a responsibility to meet with residents, but we also see it as their right. That's why, whenever possible, we hold public consultation events where we invite the local community to hear from our team about our proposals.

Actively listening to a wide range of views, gathering local knowledge, and addressing any concerns that residents may have are crucial aspects of building trust with local communities. We are always here to listen, and we encourage local residents to get in touch with us, regardless of the stage of our project.

A Positive Impact

We are proud to have supported a wide variety of communities across all of our jurisdictions, having had a positive impact within these local areas. One such example is that of our work with local communities in Lithuania.

In the past we have sponsored a regional basketball team in Lithuania as part of our solar development community contributions in Ignalina. Basketball is a big deal in Lithuania and we are pleased to have provided the local team's new kit.

We have also worked with elders in Dūkštas to sponsor a Lithuanian Independence Restoration Day event, one of two "Lithuanian independence days" celebrated country-wide. This community event saw performances from a folk dance band and two choirs from Visaginas city. More information can be found here.

Community Benefits

Solar and Battery sites can bring many local benefits to the environment, communities and the economy. These benefits can include improved drainage systems, enhancements to bridleways and footpaths, and educational workshops and school visits for children.

Our sites can also promote biodiversity improvement on the land by allowing the soil to be restored over time without the use of pesticides, from previous intensive farming practices. Furthermore, sheep can continue to graze beneath and around the panels, allowing farmers to diversify their business and generate additional revenue streams while still producing food.

When we develop projects within the UK, depending our project size and its proximity to local residents, we may offer a Community Benefit Fund to help support the local community throughout the lifetime of our projects. This fund is offered to support local social and environmental projects.

We encourage local communities to decide how best they want this fund used. Some examples of what these benefit funds could go towards include renovations to village halls or schools, helping to reduce local residents' energy bills, supporting community groups or sports teams (as seen in Lithuania) and addressing other community needs such as installing a defibrillator.

Our Values


Involving the local community helps fosters trust and ownership


We ensure our supply chains are responsibly sourced and always develop our projects responsibly

A Force for Good

A positive influence for communities, nature and the planet.


Our multi disciplined and diverse teams ensure we create the best possible projects


Hearing the views of all residents, both supportive and opposing, helps us to improve our design


Common Myths of Solar vs The Real Facts

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How you can help

Are you a part of a local community group that wants to support renewable energy? Or are you simply passionate about building a green, sustainable future and want to show your support?

If so, we would love to hear from you! Please fill out the contact form, and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Other ways to show your support:

There are also other ways to show your support for renewable energy. Leaving a supportive comment on your local planning portal website under the application can be a highly impactful and simple way to show council members that there is support for renewable development within their area.

Writing to your local MP and expressing your support is also an excellent way to raise awareness of the issue.

Finally, there are many fantastic networks and groups that support renewable energy and are passionate about encouraging sustainable development. Some of the groups we're passionate about include Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, and Fridays For Future, just to name a few!

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