Harnessing nature's gifts

Aura Power develops renewable energy and storage projects whilst enhancing the natural environment and providing benefits for local communities.

Tackling the Climate Crisis

For too long, sources of energy have depleted our planet and degraded our environment.

Thankfully, the world is waking up to doing more to combat the effects of climate change, but there is much more to do.

As we transition away from dangerous fossil fuels, we must choose efficient and sustainable forms of energy generation that do not emit carbon emissions.

The International Energy Association's pathway to net-zero states that we need the equivalent of installing the worlds largest solar park every day for the next 9 years to reach net zero targets by 2050.

Nations across the globe are committing to reducing their carbon emissions. Solar farms and battery storage play an important role in the journey to limit rising global temperatures.

Our solar farms produce clean renewable energy, supplying homes and businesses, saving thousands of tonnes of carbon from entering the atmosphere.

Enhancing the Natural Environment

Not only are we in a climate crisis but an ecological one too.

Globally, we have seen a staggering decline in biodiversity, including much needed pollinators. This is mainly due to human impact through land use changes, intensive farming, pollution and climate change.

We work with specialist ecologists and conservation charities to determine the best measures for protecting the local ecology at each of our sites.

Our sites offer a number of biodiversity enhancements such as wildflower meadows, tree and hedgerow planting, bird and bat boxes and improved grassland allowing sheep to graze around the panels.

Solar panels only disturb a very small proportion of the ground beneath them, typically less 5%. Solar farms are kind of like a nature reserve, allowing once intensive farmland to return to nature.

Engaging with Local Communities

We believe that better change happens together.

We work closely with local stakeholders to minimise potential impacts and ensure that local people can benefit from our developments.

We think renewable energy infrastructure should be seen as a source of pride and as a symbol of a more hopeful tomorrow. But we understand if you’re unsure, and so we’re always here to talk.

We want to enthuse the next generation and offer educational sessions for local schools at many of our sites. We also install information boards on nearby footpaths to educate users about renewable energy, climate change and wildlife.

Please visit our community page to learn more about how we work with local communities when developing our projects. Or, visit our project pages to learn about projects we might be developing in your region.

Better change happens together and your voice can help shape our plans.

We work with Earth Energy, an experienced specialist who work with local schools and tailor their educational sessions and visits to the National Curriculum in the UK and the US.