Battery Storage

Aura Power are developing a 140MW battery storage system near Estoi, roughly 1.5km South East of Vale Grande. The storage system is located in Alcaria Nova and covers a plot of land of 1,7 hectares. The installation occupies 1,1 hectare and is composed of 32 battery units and each unit is made up of 24 batteries.

The Autonomous Battery Storage System Project aims to store energy and subsequently inject it into the RESP – Estoi Substation. In times of excess in the network, the  Battery Storage System carries out storage and in times of greater need, the Battery System injects into the public network, thus creating a system that stabilizes the network and reduces the risk of overload or power cuts.

The energy sector in Portugal is currently undergoing a rapid shift towards responding to efforts to meet commitments and policies to combat climate change. The explicit need to introduce a radical change in the way the country deals with climate change was recognized by the Portuguese Government. In June 2019, Portugal adopted renewable energy auctions as a tool to create new large-scale renewable projects.

Battery storage systems, such as this, play a crucial role in the decarbonisation of our electricity network with much needed increases in renewable energy sources. The biannual auctions for energy storage are also a clear indicator that Battery Storage Systems are projects of great interest to the Portuguese government.

Latest News


Site selected and land rights agreed


Undertaking a series of environmental surveys to inform our plans


Permitting completion target


Construction to start, if permits acquired


Energisation of the battery storage system once construction is complete

Key Facts & Benefits

Contributes to local and national targets
Local School Visits

Our Proposal

We are currently in the early stages of developing this battery energy storage project. Our proposed layout can be seen to the left and would import and export power from the grid and store it in batteries. As such, it would not result in any emissions during operation. It would act as a ‘balancing service’ for the grid in balancing frequency at times of system stress. In simple terms, battery storage provides a means of allowing electricity from the grid to be imported and stored within the batteries at times of low usage, and exported back into the grid at times of system stress / demand.

The site is located nearby an existing electricity substation, meaning energy stored in the batteries can be released rapidly back into the grid.

Projected Views

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