Battery Storage

Aura Power are developing a 100MW battery storage site near Capenhurst, Chester which has a strong industrial economy. The site is located on the edge of the industrial region of Cheshire and Warrington and will support the region in becoming the global leader in clean energy.                                                                                               

Battery storage systems play a crucial role in the decarbonisation of our electricity network with much needed increases in renewable energy sources. Batteries store excess energy at times of low demand i.e. from a solar farm on a sunny day, and discharge the energy back into the grid when it is needed the most.

Latest News

December 2023: Planning permission has now been granted. We are now working with National Grid and Scottish Power Networks to deliver the connection.

Click here to view the planning application

May 2022

Pre-planning consultations with local community members.

Oct 2022

The planning application was submitted to Cheshire West and Cheshire Council.

December 2023

Planning permission was granted.  

Mar 2025

Construction is expected to commence. The local community will be notified in advance.

Key Facts & Benefits


Equivalent number of homes powered each year


Equivalent amount of Co2 saved each year


Equivalent number of car batteries

Contributes to local and national targets
Local School Visits

We believe it is important to consult with the local community on all of our developments, big or small. The proposed site for this battery development has limited visibility from nearby residents however we are always open to answering questions and helping address any concerns the local community may have.

We met with local residents at Capenhurst Village Hall on Friday 12th August 2022 to present our plans and answer a series of questions. You can view the slides of the presentation to the right.

Community engagement is ongoing and we welcome local residents and Councillors to get in touch at any time.

We are now working with National Grid and Scottish Power Networks to deliver the grid connection.

Please contact Chloe on 0117 214 1971 or

Our Proposal

View the location on Google Maps by clicking here.

The battery storage development proposes to cover an area of between 2-3 acres and import and export power from the grid and store it in batteries. As such, it would not result in any emissions during operation. It would act as a ‘balancing service’ for the grid in balancing frequency at times of system stress. In simple terms, battery storage provides a means of allowing electricity from the grid to be imported and stored within the batteries at times of low usage, and exported back into the grid at times of system stress / demand.

The site is located approximately 1km from SP Energy Network’s existing electricity substation, meaning energy stored in the batteries can be released rapidly back into the grid. It has limited visibility from nearby residents however we will be strengthening the hedgerows and allowing them to grow up to further screen the development from any potential viewpoints.

An indicative site layout can be seen to the left.

The proposal also includes some off-site biodiversity enhancements and with the proposed on-site tree and hedgerow planting will offer a minimum 10% biodiversity net gain.

Projected Views

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